The 2016 tour in Australia and the UK raised over $11k AUS total for Cancer Council WA and Macmillan Cancer Support. The Australian fundraising page is no longer active but you can still donate to the UK one here:

My London debut in June/July 2017 ended up taking on a very different direction when the tragic Grenfell Tower fire occurred just 2 weeks before the show. I was very unsure whether to proceed with the shows which had affected my clinic, my patients and the venue was also in the same neighbourhood. After consulting my friends, family, patients, local residents the answer was pretty unanimous: the show must go on. Everyone felt dark times need light moments too and I decided to invite some residents and emergency services who had helped during the event, as guests of honour. I paid tribute to everyone affected and did a special tribute to the late photographer Khadija Saye who tragically died in the fire. It was also a chance to thank everyone who had been so helpful and generous. All the profits from the event went to the Grenfell dispossessed fund and we raised over £2k. You can still donate here: